20+ Unique Upcycled Color Pallet Ideas

Wooden color pallets are widely used to transport material, they are durable and sturdy so they can be easily recycled into useful items. Pallets can be made into beautiful elegant furniture as well, here are some ideas for you to use these color Pallet Furniture in your house to add the oomph factor to your cozy humble abode.

Stylish Color Pallet Drawers

Drawers made of the color pallet is one more classic addition to your house. They can be used as nightstands, or as coffee tables. you can put them anywhere in the house to serve storage purpose. The flat surface on top can be used as a workspace. Put a cushion on top of it and viola! you have a stool.

Pallet drawers

Pallet tabel

Outdoor Shed made of Recycled Pallet

This color pallet shed can be used indoor or outdoor. It can be used to keep firewood stacked neatly or to keep towels, bedsheets or even board games. You can keep just anything in this pretty rustic storage space.

Pallet outdoor shed

Pallet table


A Charming Pallet desk

This cool looking color pallet desk looks like a high-end designer desk, it serves the same purpose too just at a low cost. It will surely bring class to your setting.

Pallet desk

Wooden Color Pallet cupboard

An elegant looking cupboard for your dining room can be a totally do-it-yourself job. Get some color pallets, put on polish or varnish it and you have made a low cost shabby chic version of a right-out-of-a-furniture-boutique cupboard.

Pallet cubbard

A Must Have Bar

A beautiful addition to your house, it can be used indoors for a comfy night with friends and outdoors for long summer night parties or B.B.Q get together. This color pallet bar can be served as a storage space or a bbq counter. you can also add some hooks to the side and you have storage space for your BBQ essentials.

Pallet Bar

Pallet Planter

The pallet planter is a wonderful idea for small spaces, it’s like you can create a three, four-storied gardens. Your very own version of hanging gardens of Babylon. It can make a perfect compact kitchen garden to get fresh herbs or a small planter to get seasonal flowers.

Pallet planter

Pallet planter

Pallet planter

Pallet planter

Multi-Purpose Color Pallet shelf

Shelves can bring so much life to a room along with storage spaces. you can keep books, decoration pieces, picture frames or even crockery on the shelves depending on where you have placed them. They can be used as night stands if you have little space in your bedroom or more room for your pantry.

Pallet shelf

Pallet shelf

Pallet shelf

Magazine Cover Pallet Kitchen

A great idea to save money on kitchen cabinets is to use pallet wood for construction. It will not only add texture to your kitchen it will look trendy and chic that too without costing you a fortune.

Pallet kitchen

Pallet kitchen

Sleek Color Pallet Furniture

Pallet wood can be used t make furniture as well, just put some nails in the right places, throw in a comfortable mattress and your bed is ready.

Stack some color pallets together and you have a rugged garden table, you can go for sleek looks by using your creativity and pairing it with modern chairs, or just lay a bench along with your table for garden furniture.

Pallet bed

Pallet furniture

Color Pallet Fruit Trolly

Ask any women and she will tell you how short of storage her kitchen in. Women can never have enough kitchen supplies be it accessories, gadgets or storage boxes.

These pallet boxes have a rustic appeal to it which matches perfectly with the natural beauty of fruit, other then the aesthetic aspect it keeps fruit and vegetable fresh as it allows air to move freely.


Pallet fruit torooley

Pallet Wall For Your Room

Adding color pallets to an otherwise plain looking wall makes it interesting and gives character. It can be used to hang gadgets such as LCD or it can be used to display artwork.

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