35+ Pallet Furniture with Storage Projects

Wooden pallets independent from anyone else are not especially appealing, but rather with a little effort, you can change them into a wonderful household item and without major monetary speculation. From the end table and shelf, to vases and garden seats, the furniture range will be found in each side of the home. Wooden pallets have as of late been a hit, with regards to development and reusing. Comfortable and sturdy furniture made of wood, you can make from new or utilized pallets that can get or purchase at stockrooms at low costs.

Moreover, these pallets not only make amazing furniture for you, but the can make multiple storage items for you as well.

Wooden pallet bed with underneath storage

Just look at this amazing bed made out of wooden pallet and the storage underneath it. If you are a student or a book worm this bed is absolutely useful for you. It is cheaper and space saver at the same time.

Pallet bed with book storage

Pallet hanging bed

Pallet chair with book storage

Wooden Pallet Sofa With Side Storage

If you like to read books while studying then make this amazing sofa with storage space. Sitting on this sofa would be so amazing and comfortable with everything at your reach.

Wooden pallet trunk

This is the easiest thing to make out of pallet beds. You can make it either for yourself or for your kids’ toys. It is just amazing. If you put extra effort making it or paint it according t your favorite color it is going to look amazing.

Pallet kitchen furniture

Pallet storage box

Wooden pallet kitchen for kids

Another amazing idea is to make kitchen sink and shelving plan for your kids. Why waste money on expensive kitchen toys when you can make one with your own hands and that too way cheaper. You can make it in different sizes as per your kids liking.

Pallet kitchen furniture

Pallet kitchen furniture

Wooden Pallet Storage Racks

Make these amazing racks for multi purposes, you can either use them in your laundry to keep clothes and other stuff or you can make the shoe racks for your home as shown in the picture. These racks not only help you to clean up the mess made around the house but look super amazing as well.

Pallet storage cabinet

Pallet shoes rack bench

Pallet dresser with drawers

Pallet Table And Chair

Another most common thing made out of pallets is tables and chairs. These chairs can enhance up your home interior or can be a great piece for your garden area too. So don’t waste money on the expensive ones available in the market and build up some yourself.

Pallet planting table

Pallet furniture

Pallet table furniture

These pallets can also be utilized to make garden and pool benches. Your kids will love to hang and sit around after playing in the garden or pool.

Pallet outdoor bench

Pallet folding table

Pallet outdoor table

Wooden Pallet Cupboard Ideas

If you are having low space in your home for storing your accessories and clothes, then look at these amazing cupboard storage ideas. They not only increase your space to keep your items, but also give an elegant look to your room.

Pallet storage shelf with cloth hanger Pallet Shelf decor

Pallet cloth hanger

Pallet hanging shelf

Wooden Pallet Furniture For Salon

If you are running a salon and want to save money on furniture and cupboards, look at these amazing ideas to decorate your salon with cheap pallets. It also gives a rustic look to the salon and you also have ample space to keep the products.

Pallet rustic salon furniture

Wooden Pallet Pet Bed

Even your pet needs a little furniture. Why not give you pet some extravagant lifestyle with their own pet beds. Either make a fancy one or a simple even your pet is definitely going to love you for building these beds.


Pallet pet house

Pallet night stand

Pallet drawers

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