47 Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are beautiful resources that have the ability to amazingly replace designer accessories and furnitures. They also help you in saving a lot money by indulging in DIY projects. From bedroom furniture to wooden decorative items, there are thousands of beautiful things that you can create from pallets. If you think that they are useless, then you are wrong. We will share 47 beautiful ideas with you, so that you may recycle your wooden pallets amazingly. Further, you will also be able to put them in good use! Go from simple to complex, and decorate your house by creating beautiful furnishings and ornaments from wooden pallets.

Garden Hangings

Paint the pallets, and make colorful hanging plant stands. One amazing way to add to the beauty of your garden!


Contemporary Bed

Use four pieces of wooden pallet and make this wonderful bed for yourself.



Pallet Contemporary Bed

A Soothing Bed for Children

If you have some time to spare, then you can create this professional looking and stylish bed for your child.

A Soothing Pallet Bed for Children

Wooden Stools

This is one of the simplest way to recycle wooden pallets. Add a rustic touch to your house by creating these multiple pallet stools.

Pallet Wooden Stools

A Classy Coffee Table

Want to give a traditional look to your house? Use wooden pallets to create a classical coffee table for your lounge.

A Classy Coffee Table

Sitting bench and Office Table

If you want to renovate your office, but find the store built furnitures very expensive, then go for making office furniture with wooden pallets. It will look as sophisticated as the designer made furniture!

Sitting bench and Office Table

Reclining Lawn Chair

What is better than a soothing time in your lawn? Make this chair and enjoy some peaceful time.

Reclining Lawn Chair

Study Table

Want a gift for your child? Go for this study table! The young one will love it.

Pallet Study Table

Kitchen Organizer

You can make a wooden pallet organizer for your kitchen and get rid of all the mess!

Pallet Kitchen Organizer

Comfortable Couch

Have some cushions and wooden pallets? If yes, you can make yourself an amazingly comfortable couch!

Pallet Comfortable Couch


By using wooden pallets you can create a rustic looking staircase for your house! It will definitely enhance the beauty of your place.

Pallet Staircase

Custom Couch

To get a wonderful one of a kind couch, all you need is to use six wooden pallets, and sew some soft cushion!

Pallet Custom Couch

Patio Swing

Put your creativity to work, and in result you will get a beautiful looking patio swing.

Pallet Patio Swing

TV Entertainment Stand

Get your wooden pallets in use. Create this wonderful and spacious TV stand for your lounge.

Pallet TV Entertainment Stand

Jacket and Hat Rack

Add some colour to your walls. Paint the wooden pallets and use them as racks to organize your jackets and hats.

Pallet Jacket and Hat Rack

Vertical Garden

Increase the beauty of your outdoors by making a vertical garden from wooden pallets!

Pallet Vertical Garden

Garden Bed

Make this garden bed from wooden pallets, and take your first steps towards the development of an organic garden!

Pallet Garden Bed

Kitchen Rack

From crockery to baking equipment, organize all your kitchen stuff on rack made from wooden pallets.

Pallet Kitchen Rack

TV Wall Mount

Wooden wall mounts are a new style statement in the furnishing industry. Make one by using wooden pallets!

Pallet TV Wall Mount

Outdoor Shower

You can also make a privacy showers in the outdoors, using wooden pallets.

Pallet Outdoor Shower

Fireplace Mount

A decorative wooden pallet mount just above your fireplace will make your lounge loo amazing.

Pallet Fireplace Mount

Contemporary Couch

Add finesse and class to your living room by making this modern couch.

Pallet Contemporary Couch

Outdoor Patio

Give a refreshing look to your outdoors by adding this patio!

Pallet Outdoor Patio

Small Sitting Area with Wheels

You will need a small pallet to create this comfortable and moveable sitting area for yourself.

Pallet Small Sitting Area with Wheels

Modern Coffee Table

Add elegance to your living area by using wooden pallets to make a stylish coffee table.

Pallet Modern Coffee Table

Sitting bench

A sitting bench, which is comfortable, can be made from wooden pallets.

Pallet Sitting bench

Single Couch

Give your boy a surprise by making a single wooden pallet couch for him.

Pallet Single Couch

Pet Bed

Want to shower some care over your pet? This wooden pallet pet bed is just the thing for you.

Pallet Pet Bed


Add beauty to your house by making this gorgeous chandelier from wooden pallets.

Pallet Chandelier

Garden Tool Organizer

Are you tired of the mess in your garden? Make this organizer and get rid of it then!

Pallet Garden Tool Organizer

Living Room Table

Class and style will accompany this wooden pallet living room table.Pallet Living Room Table

Movable Coffee Table

Added wheels enable you to take this coffee table anywhere.

Pallet Moveable Coffee Table

Day Bed for Living Room

This spacious day bed will be your reading and relaxation partner.

Pallet Day Bed for Living Room

Wall Shelve

Want some extra storage space? Go for creating this wooden pallet wall shelve.

Pallet Wall Shelve

Three Pallet Coffee Table

This stacked coffee table looks unique and can become your lounge’s style statement!

Three Pallet Coffee Table

Garden Rack

Make this garden rack and get some space to store things or place pots.

Pallet Garden Rack

Wine Rack

Want to make a classic wine rack? All you need is some time and wooden pallets.

Pallet wine rack

Outside Work Bench

A great way to complete all your outside work comfortably.

Pallet Outside Work Bench

Plant Shelve

This is one of the most unique ways in which you can make from wooden pallets. Plus it looks good too.

Pallet Plant Shelve

Patio Area

Use wooden pallets to make a sophisticate patio area for your house.

Pallet Patio Area


Wall Garden

One unique, stylish, and beautiful garden that can be made from wooden pallets.

Pallet Wall Garden

Table + TV Stand

Adding this wooden pallet furnishing will make your lounge good, and provide you with storage capacity.

Pallet Table + TV Stand


Garden Sitting Bench

Make this bench and spend some quality evenings in your garden!

Pallet Garden Sitting Bench


Bottle Storage Rack

This is one amazing way to store bottles and then use them in your DIY projects.

Pallet Bottle Storage Rack

Wooden Pallet Bar

A wooden pallet mar will not occupy much space and will look amazing too!

Wooden Pallet Bar

Wine Bottle Holder

This small wine bottle holder is just the thing for people who are looking for simple wooden pallet projects.

Pallet Wine Bottle Holder

Single Bed

Make these single beds for your children and you will surely make them happy.

Pallet Single Bed

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