50+ Indoor and Outdoor Standard Pallet Size Ideas

The furniture and stylistic decor made with standard Pallet size, not just convey a touch of warmth and imperativeness of the ace, yet additionally ready to make the inside of the room or your garden design exceptional, intriguing and non-minor. At low monetary and time usage, you can get the home plan components, furniture, and embellishment from the basic wooden pallets, which more often than not stay after the development work. They are made of significantly harsh, yet extremely solid wooden sheets, which are found not near one another but rather at some distance. These standard pallet sizes are very easy and useful at the same time.

pallet side storage box


Standard pallet size holders

These are one of the easiest things to make out or wooden pallets. Just take some pallets and join them to make a box of the required size and use it for many things. You can either use this for keeping your stationery; place it in the washroom as a toothbrush holder or use as a jewelry box of keeping your candies.


Pallet halloween coffin


Pallet storage efficient tables

The most well-known household items, which are frequently made using the standard pallet size, are tables of different alterations. Their dissemination is self-evident – even an ace absent much experience can make the low table effectively and rapidly. Keeping in mind the end goal to get a decent household item, you require a basic assortment of tools and furniture accessories. To make it even more useful try taking a standard pallet size and build some storage space underneath the table.

Pallet Musallah Box

Standard pallet size decorative items

Another benefit of using pallets is that you can be a lot more creative and innovative with it. A numerous number of ideas are present that can add an interesting look to your home.  You can use pallets of your choice to make various artistic pieces like chandeliers, candle holders wall decor with shelves to place your books and other accessories.

Pallet home decor

Pallet home decor

Pallet dog beds

You can make a basic bed of standard pallet size for your pets. It is quite simple to make and comfortable for your pet as well. In case you’re searching for a normal looking dog bed that is anything but difficult to assemble, make the most basic bed one. It runs with everything in the house and can be made to fit any size dog.

Pallet dog bed

Wooden pallet drawers and storage Chester

Build an amazing set of Chester box along with shoe rack like shown in the picture out of wooden pallet for various purposes. You can use it to keep many little things in these drawers. It can easily be made out of a standard pallet size bar.

Pallet storage drawer

Pallet storage drawer


Pallet project

Wooden pallet Storage system ideas

If you are running low on storage space in the house, creating storage spaces using standard pallet size items like; shelves, racks, cabinets, and cupboards are one of the cheapest ideas you can have. All you need is to have some pallets beside the wall and add some pallets and paint them according to your requirement. You can have shelves, racks, make cabinets or install a rod to create a huge closet. Fill it with your clothes, shoes, books and other important items.

Pallet project

Rolling pallet tables

To get the most out of the tables made out of pallet you can add rolling wheels underneath. It will not only give a new look but makes it quite convenient for you to move the table from one place to another.

Pallet table

Pallet table



Pallet cat bed

Kitchen pallet shelves

If you have lesser space in your kitchen, make a pallet shelve in it. It gives a rustic look to your kitchen and at the same time, you can paint it according to the theme of your kitchen as well.

Pallet kitchen

Pallet kitchen

Pallet sofa/chairs

Pallets are great to work with. You can make the sofa and chairs of various styles with these wooden pallets. Make it for your lounge as well as for your outdoor garden. You can add colorful cushions on it to enhance its look.

Pallet chairs

Pallet moon kid bed

Pallet sinks in the washroom

Do you want to have a rustically themed washroom? Make a kitchen sink and cabinet out of pallets. It will provide storage space as well as a different look.

Pallet bathroom

Pallet bathroom

Pallet benches for your plants

Making pallet benches for your plants and flowers is a pocket-friendly and creative idea. You can keep these benches indoor and outdoor as well.


Pallet box idea



Pallet stoarge table

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