DIY Wooden Pallet Projects for inside house and garden

Are you are conscious to add some new areas to your home garden? This Wooden Pallet Projects bunch is ready to encourage and introduce to you some new DIY Pallet projects for a home garden.

DIY projects are so cheap and architect-friendly so everyone can apply them in any field of life. But now our discussion area is only the home garden that is going to enrich with most applicable DIY pallet ideas.

Pallet blackboard

Pallet wine rack

Pallet wine opener

Pallet wall decor

DIY Wooden Pallet ideas

It’s a new ideas to turn the simple wall side benches into the home garden art piece. We apply simple DIY ideas and make a garden bench consisting of a fertile top that is ready to grow flowering plants. The ease of access in this project is that it can be easily moveable towards the different areas of the garden and also we painted it according to the season’s color scheme and also matching it to the colors of flowers on them.

Pallet table

Pallet table with glass top

Pallet Wooden Pot handler

Pots having flowering plants of different colors and types increases the beauty of a garden. We buy many pots at the start of the flowering season that is always a good addition to our home garden. This spring we decided to make something new for pots. We design wooden pallet pots handler to hangout flowering pots on them. They are looking as smart as they uniquely made for hanging pots. By this, we utilize our recycled pallets and turns them into the useful key item for our home garden.

Pallet planter

Pallet pet bed

Pallet storage box

Pallet pet bed

Pallet planter projects

DIY Stepped stairs for growing seasonal vegetables

Another project that we happy to share with you is our brand new stepped stairs project we design after this winter to grow seasonal vegetables. We make wooden stairs with recycled pallets and fill the steps with fertile soil. After finishing them as a garden piece we input seeds of different seasonal vegetables to them. After some days we happy to see that they show more greenish and charming in the middle of our garden.


Pallet side table


PAllet dog bed

Pallet shelf

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