DIY Wooden Pallets

Diy wooden pallets ensure the usage of pallet wood for making different furniture and art items to improve look of your home at lower budget than spending lot of money.

Pallet Shark Art

If you are a beach goer or maybe just have a little one that loves sea creatures, this would be an inexpensive way to decorate. Considering I hope to someday own a beach house, this is definitely something going in my decorative files.

Pallet Shark Art Pallet Shark Art

Pallet Raised Planting Beds

I love raised garden beds. They are great at keeping the property organized and are a little easier on your back when planting and tending. Need to create a snazzy looking one on the cheap? This one might be what you’ve been looking for.

Pallet Raised Planting Beds Pallet Raised Planting Beds

Pallet Staggered Planter

I love keeping lots of plants around my house (inside and out.) So having fun, creative planters to go with is usually a must. I think it adds a touch of who you are as a homeowner and displays beautiful life that adds beauty to any home.

Pallet Staggered Planter

Pallet Hanging Garden

With this hanging planter you could grow quite a few gorgeous flowers and certainly enough vegetables to take some of the weight off of your grocery budget.

Pallet Hanging Garden Pallet Hanging Garden

Pallet Laptop Riser

Do you work off of your laptop a lot? I do too. But when you are sitting at a desk it is often nice to hook up a wireless keyboard. In those instances, it is nice to have something to lift your laptop to eye level. Well, pallets can help with that too.

Pallet Laptop Riser

Pallet Kitchen Shelf

This unique little shelf can certainly help with that. It has plenty of space to hang whisks, measuring cups, and even to store coffee cups. It would be neat to use it as part of a coffee station.

Pallet Kitchen Shelf Pallet Kitchen Shelf

Pallet Fruit Basket

You always want it there so everyone will eat it (and not forget about it while it rots.) But you can’t just pile it on the counter because it will roll everywhere. This basket with two shelves is inexpensive and stops the rolling factor.

Pallet Fruit Basket

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