Garden furniture ideas

By simply using old pallets you can create vertical gardens, flower planters, tables, benches and even canopies. Garden furniture ideas help you improve your home structure in unexpensive way.

Pallet Potting Bench

Up cycled pallets can be easily transformed into a unique potting bench where you can place pot with your favorite herbs and shrubs.

Pallet Potting Bench

Succulent Pallet Table

You can easily whip it out to create a coffee table-sized succulent table with a planter right through the middle so that you create something completely unique and different in your garden.

Succulent Pallet Table

Outdoor Pallet Swing Chair

Create a comfortable outdoor swing chair by nailing or sewing small pallet pieces together with a strong, durable rope and use more rope to hang the piece from a tree or other firm support. This unique swing chair should ideally be located in a cozy corner of your garden.

Outdoor Pallet Swing Chair

Rack For Garden Tools & Accessories

Need a convenient way to store your garden tools? Place a large pallet stand against the wall or nail it on for use as your gardening tool collector.

Rack For Garden Tools & Accessories Rack For Garden Tools & Accessories

Garden Path

Pallet wood can be used to create a stunningly unique paths and walkways through your garden. With the time, the stained wood finish and natural DIY will create a rustic look that is priceless for any garden.

Pallet Garden Path

Pallet Storage Shed

A shed is a necessary, yet costly addition to your garden. However, you can easily build one that fits your garden using some old pallets. You can store all your extra accessories in it.

Pallet Storage Shed Pallet Storage Shed

Pallet Wood Deck

A wooden pallet deck is easy an easy, yet very important project for creating an entertainment and relaxation haven in your garden.

Pallet Wood Deck

Kids Playhouse

very parent wants their child to have a safe place to play. Up cycled pallets can be easily transformed into a beautiful playhouse using simple DIY tools. The playhouse can also be painted to complement your home’s exterior décor theme.

pallet Kids Playhouse pallet Kids Playhouse


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