How to Create a Wooden Pallet Bed

Among the most relevant and trending home furniture’s is wooden pallet bed. Apart from being light, the beds are cheaper, brings a natural and comforting feel in your bedroom. You can easily make pallet beds as the cost needed is minimal. Here is a detailed and simpler way of making an astonishing pallet bed to keep in your bedroom.

Raw materials that you should have

  • Palm sander
  • Four hinges
  • five caster wheels which are large
  • an 80 and 200 grit sand paper
  • LED string lights although optional

Simple process of making wooden pallet bed

Initial step: It involves sizing the pallets. You should ensure the size of the pallets, and that of the mattress is equal. You can achieve this by measuring the pallets and cut to the appropriate size, using the palm sander and then sand using the 80 grit sand paper.

Second step: Make sure the pallets are smooth by sanding. Use 200 grit sand papers to smoothen the pallets. Sanding the pallets prevents them from tearing your mattress and bed sheets, which can cause damage.

Third step: Align and bolt your already prepared wooden pallets together, both at the top and at the bottom.

Fourth step: Add the wheels if you need them. Add four wheels at the four corners of the bed, and one wheel at the center. To stop unwanted movements while sleeping, ensure the caster wheels that you are using can be locked. The bed is now ready for use.

Final step: If you need your bed to have a glowing frame, add the LED string lights. Ensure you place the string lights progressive to the frame of your bed. Connect the strings to an outlet power source. Your bed is now ready and glowing.

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How to Create a Wooden Pallet Bed

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