Pallet Furniture Projects

Here are some of the absolute best pallet furniture project ideas for home decoration. These creative DIY projects feature wooden pallets in different sizes. Some of these projects are ideal for beginners while others require more technical expertise. The point is to have fun and let your creativity flourish.

Rustic Wood Shelving

If you are looking for extra space then try this simple and unique fix. Just a single pallet piece can be hung on your kitchen wall or over a bed to add extra storage and style. You can paint the exterior to match the decor of a bedroom, stain the wood to give it an aged look or just keep it bare. It is perfect for keeping books or other small bottles.

Rustic Wood Shelving

Low Bed Frame Pallet Project

Wood pallets make the perfect stable platform. They are already low to the ground and can be arranged to suit the size of your mattress. King size, queen and twin all you made according to your own need. Another really cool idea is to use flame-less candles to create a warm glowing effect that will have all of your house guests scratching their heads.

Low Bed Frame Pallet Project Low Bed Frame Pallet Project

Kitchen Pallet Table

If you are going to buy table for six to eight people it’s gonna be much expensive for you; so you can make table from pallet wood in cost effective way. The dining table is a focal point for your kitchen, but it shouldn’t be too elegant if it’s going to be used on a daily basis.

Kitchen Pallet Table Kitchen Pallet Table

Roll Away Daybed

Here’s a pallet furniture idea that’s fun and easy to recreate. Roll away daybed for reading or just lounging with your furry friends. Use pallet woods that can be easily available and light enough to carry and transport. Two single layer pallets should do the trick. You can add  wheels for convenient movement ,add some cushion and mattress for better relaxation.

Roll Away Daybed

World Traveler Wooden Work Desk Pallet Furniture

Give your home office some true character with this pallet furniture idea. It’s got loads of personality. With this work desk decor, you don’t need the most perfect pallets you can find. You’re going to want some distressed pieces to give the overall effect of crates that just washed ashore on a remote tropical island. If you have a bit more time, then you can stain fresh wood to achieve the same effect.

World Traveler Wooden Work Desk Pallet Furniture


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