Step wise Construction of an Outdoor Pallet Furniture

This article helps you to construct a stylish outdoor couch along with divan and center table. The construction is very easy and simple. All these decorative items can be made using pallets. It will add greatly to the look and decoration of your garden.

Materials Required:

Search for the wooden pallets and foam mattresses at your nearby store. You will require 9 pallets to make couch and divan. If you want to make a center table then take 1 extra pallet for it.

Step wise Tutorial For Construction:

Couch mainly consist of 3 main parts. These are:

  • Couch Seat
  • Couch backrest
  • Couch cushions


Step wise Tutorial For Pallet Couch Construction

Couch Seat:

6 long pallets will be required to make the seat of the couch. Make sure that all the pallets are of the same size. Take 3 pallets and place them horizontally on the ground. Then place another 3 pallets above the first 3, to make an “L shaped” structure, as shown in the image. We construct a double layer for the seat of the couch to give it some elevation and also to make it stable and sturdy, as it is the main part of the couch, which supports other parts of the couch.

Pallet Couch Seat

Pallet Couch Seat

Couch Backrest:

Now it is the turn of couch backrest, which is somewhat a difficult work. First of all you have to disassemble the bottom layer of the seat and the lower solid wooden blocks, leaving just the top layer and the middle blocks. Now, make a backrest frame using 3 pallets. Attach the backrest frame with the top layer of the seat perpendicularly. You will notice that the 3 pallets of the backrest frame do not cover the full couch seat. It is somewhat longer then the seat, but this is not a big deal. We will also construct a divan at one side of the “L”, which will fix this problem.



Pallet Couch Backrest

Final Decoration:

Now it is time to give a final look to the couch and divan. Varnish the decorative to give it a shiny and finishing look. Take mattress and cut it down according to the size of the seat and the back. Now cover these mattress with a beautiful fabric or leather sheet. For further decoration, we can also put some stylish and elegant throw pillows and cushions. It is all done!

Step wise Construction of an Outdoor Pallet Furniture

Step wise Construction of an Outdoor Pallet Furniture

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