Unique Pallet wooden projects

Pallet wood now a days use for making large number of home furniture at low cost so unique Pallet wooden projects give you a way to made these goods.

Pallet wood sliding door

Wooden doors come in all shapes and sizes but the actual beauty lies in the age of the wood, its intricate texture and natural tone.

Pallet wood sliding door Pallet wood sliding door

DIY Pallet clock

The passage of time mark everyone and everything and wood is no exception. Wood aging is something being pursuit and searched thus it is only logical to use old pallet wood in the creation of a basic wooden clock.

DIY Pallet clock DIY Pallet clock

Colorful pallet box

Increase your storage space with a colorful addition. Create a wonderful wooden box with a touch of color and rope hinges.

Colorful pallet box

Industrial looking bird feeders

Take a step in this direction and invite the thrills of birds in your backyard with this fun bird feeders craft.

Industrial looking bird feeders Industrial looking bird feeders

Pallet wall art

Blank walls should be decorated with your personal creations so feel free to express your imagination on a canvas created out of pallet wood. Use bleach to paint your dreams white.

Pallet wall art Pallet wall art

Pop wall art

A fresh fun twist on wall art should be added to a rather conventional area like the kitchen or dinning zone. Use pallet wood to create such a shape and add a coat of a bright hue to the end product to make it stand out and contrast the blank wall.

Pop wall art Pop wall art

Diy platform bed

Use old pallets to create a sturdy structure for your bed. Customize it by adding a comfortable mattress and colorful pillows for the personal touch and taste.

Diy platform bed Diy platform bed

Pallet wood city scape wall art

Exploit the love you carry for a certain city and reflect in your own wall art creation. Capture the city’ skyline in unique project you will simply adore in the end.

Pallet wood city scape wall art Pallet wood city scape wall art

Special wedding décor

It is up to you in the end to create a special atmosphere on your special day.

Special wedding décor


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