Wooden Pallet Furniture Projects

I get a real kick out of re-purposed wooden pallet Furniture projects.  People have come up with some awesome ways to recycle and reuse wooden shipping pallets and it’s pretty darn inspiring.

Roll Away Sofa Bed

A roll-away sofa bed can be moved to different rooms in the house and you can use the heavy-duty rollers to chase the sunlight. All you need some pallets in great condition which stack on each other, add some cushions, pillows and wheels.

Roll Away Sofa Bed Roll Away Sofa Bed

Wall-mounted Glamour Station

Pallet furniture design doesn’t have to take a long time and it doesn’t require a great deal of construction expertise either. It’s a DIY project that you can do in your spare time. Take a single pallet and carefully remove four or five of the flat planks. Affix the boards to wooden runners with a hammer and nails. Clean and coat the wood with a dark, warm stain that will look lovely under the glow of antique light bulbs.

Wall-mounted Glamour Station

Wall-mounted Vanity Mirror

This DIY project takes a single pallet and transforms into a lovely vanity mirror with shelves. At first glance this might seem like an unmodified pallet, but there are several design elements at play here.

Wall-mounted Vanity Mirror Wall-mounted Vanity Mirror

Cozy Corner Couch With Storage

If you’re looking for a great starter project, then take a closer look at this corner couch design. It features a number of wooden pieces that are stacked together. Since the sectional is placed in the corner, the pallets themselves don’t have to be connected. You can use wood glue, wood screws or nails if you like. The spaces between the planks can be used to store books, magazines or other knick-knacks.

Cozy Corner Couch With Storage

Studio Couch and Table

A studio apartment might seem like an easy space to decorate, but it might prove difficult to find the right furniture that won’t over-crowd the room. This DIY pallet project can transform your studio into a chic, trendy living space. Use heavier shipping pallets and double stack them to form a sturdy base for a futon or sofa bed.

pallet Studio Couch and Table

Wall-hanging Bottle Holder

Make your kitchen bar look like a craft brewery with an easy DIY build. For added effect, try using a stain on the wood instead of paint. This way, you’ll keep the natural look of the wood and match the color of your bottles.

Wall-hanging Bottle Holder Wall-hanging Bottle Holder


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